A quick summary about me.

Maybe you already read: my name is Alexander Classen and I'm a passionate fullstack developer from Germany. I'm working at the agency Westwerk in Aachen, Germany.

My focus constantly shifts depending on the demands of the team or project, or the trends I am currently pursuing. My strength lies primarily in the frontend, although I also have a grasp of everything (more or less) from backend to operations. Currently, I hold a management role in our team, where I work on finding the right technology for projects and planning our resources. This could involve LEAN approaches to quickly implement a project with everything necessary at a specific time, or addressing scalability issues. Most importantly, I value that we all enjoy our work, are challenged, and can take pride in our projects. When I'm not at the computer working on a project or evaluating a side project, I like to go out, run, hike, climb, or make music. I have a penchant for everything extraordinary and appreciate good music and drinks.

My Journey in Development

Embarking as a PHP developer during version 5.3, my journey evolved to spotlight the frontend and JavaScript. Since 2019, TypeScript has become my primary language, showcasing proficiency in:

  • Vue
  • Nuxt
  • Nest
  • Directus
  • Strapi

Initiating projects involves leveraging backend solutions like Directus to swiftly prototype. The initial phase focuses on essentials, aided by frameworks like PrimeVue and Tailwind for speed. For more maintainable versions, I opt for NestJS and an event-driven system. Project-specific technologies include Postgres, SQLite, MongoDB, REST, CQRS, or GraphQL.

Years of experience offer insights into various programming realms, necessitating a full-stack approach in agency work. This encompasses CI/CD, server administration, DNS, and routing. I prefer Docker-based hosting, steering clear of direct deployment on Kubernetes or cloud platforms for smaller scales, though some projects are hosted on cloud providers.

Venturing into cross-platform frameworks, I've utilized Tauri for FastTrack and Capacitor for smartphone porting in projects like Catch. Additionally, I have a keen interest in Flutter for future mobile projects.

Notably, two programming languages have captured my interest:

  • Rust
  • Elixir

Exposure to Rust began with solving Advent of Code 2022 tasks. Also, working with the Tauri backend in Rust broadened my understanding. Elixir's functional programming concept has captivated me, though my knowledge is basic. Future projects in both languages aim to enhance my expertise.

Specialization and Learnings

With over a decade of experience, I specialize in TypeScript, Vue.js, Nuxt, TailwindCSS, and NestJS. My capabilities span various applications, including multi-tenancy applications, design systems, web apps, webshops, and corporate websites.

Frontend development is my forte, combining an eye for design and UX to create beautiful and user-friendly interfaces. I excel in crafting scalable and maintainable component libraries, following the atomic design pattern with my own extensions. My backend design aligns with the atomic design's isolated component concept, implemented through event-driven architectures.

My focus is on building applications that resonate with users and myself. While I enjoy refactoring and improving code, I recognize the challenge of finding an endpoint in the endless cycle of enhancement and new possibilities within the web ecosystem. I strive for better and more generic solutions without succumbing to perfectionism.

Key Learnings

  • Ship the first working solution; it's crucial to deliver rather than solving hypothetical problems.
  • Embrace refactoring as requirements evolve.
  • Fear not deployments; automate processes to facilitate multiple daily deployments without breaking functionality.
  • Copying code a few times before creating abstractions is acceptable.

Additional Abilities

Considering the end-user experience, I've delved into devOps and deployment strategies. Proficient in setting up CI/CD pipelines, performing server administration, and managing infrastructure, I possess basic knowledge of Docker, Ansible, Linux, Swarm, and Kubernetes.